Special Issue

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Special Issue on

Dynamic Response and Failure of Composites: Recent Advances


Multiscale and Multidisciplinary Modeling, Experiments and Design (MMED)

Composite materials and structures have distinct multiscale, hierarchical structures. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the characteristics in different length scales and bridging them in order to predict their dynamic responses and failure. In addition, composite materials and structures have been used in a variety of engineering applications because of their beneficial material properties as well as the flexibility to design the materials tuned toward the desired objectives. This requires multiphysics and multidisciplinary analysis of composite materials and structures. This special issue is dedicated to the third edition of the “International Symposium on Dynamic Response and Failure of Composite Materials (Draf2018),” and solicits papers addressing topics covered in the symposium. Particular attention will be paid to failure modes, failure criteria, constitutive equations and damage investigations from experimental, theoretical and numerical points of view.

Guest Editors:

Prof. Valentina Lopresto

Università degli studi di Napoli, Federico II

[email protected]


Prof. Antonio Langella

Università degli studi di Napoli, Federico II

[email protected]


Dr. Yapa D. S. Rajapakse

Office of Naval Research

[email protected]


Prof. Young Kwon
Naval Postgraduate School

[email protected]



Submission of full length paper by July 1, 2018

Journal Website: http://www.springer.com/engineering/mechanics/journal/41939

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