Special Session: Auxetic Materials and Structures

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Organizers: Zafer Kazanci ([email protected]), Pietro Russo ([email protected])

In order to meet the requirements of future’s world, engineers must design extremely efficient structures. Different approaches towards the development of more efficient materials have led to an interest in auxetic structures. Auxetic materials have rapidly gained an outstanding interest in many advanced fields as for biomedical, aerospace and sport applications essentially thanks to the novel behaviour they exhibit under deformation. Auxetic refers to a negative Poisson’s ratio which is a meta-material property. Consequently, when a compressive load is applied to auxetic materials and structures, they will contract (expand) transversely. A conventional material, when subjected to an impact loading, tends to reduce its density, lowering the indentation resistance. An auxetic material, instead, contracting and, thus, densifying under impact, leads to an increased indentation resistance.

With the advent of these meta-materials and their potential use in the industry, there is a need to reconsider the dynamic behaviour of composite structures utilizing auxetic materials and structures. Thus, this mini-symposium focuses on the auxetic meta-materials and structures in engineering applications in general. It is devoted to new approaches in the analysis and computational design of such structures. The Auxetic Material section aims to outline the state of the art about the current knowledge on the mechanism that determine their special behaviour and most recent applications.
Contributions including, but not limited to, recent advances in research, development and modeling of auxetic materials are also welcome.