Special Session: Innovations and advancements in lowering the carbon footprint of composite materials to improve sustainability

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The use of composite materials presents both positive and negative impacts on the environment and a direct influence on the carbon footprint. The positive aspects are related to the weight reduction and the increased durability that these materials offer. With reference, for example, to the automotive sector, the lightweight design throughout structural optimization increases fuel efficiency by lowering vehicle emissions while the increased durability reduces the need for frequent replacements and the emissions associated with manufacturing processes. Contrarily, the manufacturing processes of resin, polymers and fibres negatively affect the carbon footprint.
This scenario highlights the need for sustainable alternatives and practices to traditional resins and synthetic fibres in research and industries. The session “Sustainable innovations and advancements for lowering the carbon footprint of composite materials” aims to showcase the recent trends and actions to reduce the environmental impact of composite materials. The key topics covered by the session include but are not limited to:
• Physical and mechanical properties of sustainable composite materials: structural optimization of composites, static and dynamic mechanical properties, joining of composite materials, fatigue, advanced testing, numerical modelling, and material modelling at different scales.
• Sustainable processes/synthesis for raw materials and fibre production.
• Environmental impacts of sustainable composite materials

The topics can be related but are not limited to the following materials:
• Bio-based, partially bio-based polymers, recyclable resins, recycled composites, short and long fibre-reinforced polymers, prepregs, natural fibres, hybrid materials including metal/composite and hybrid/fibre composites, 3D printing materials and bio-inspired structures.

Organizers: Raffaele Ciardiello ([email protected]), Simonetta Boria ([email protected])