"5th International Symposium on Dynamic Response and Failure of Composite Materials"

Island of Ischia, 17 - 21 June 2024

The symposium will address current research topics related to composite materials and sandwich structures. The main objective is the meeting of scientists working on dynamic loads and testing and the exchange of useful knowledge in this field.


  • Department of Chemical, Materials and Production Engineering – University of Naples “Federico II”

Organizing Commitee

    • Prof. Valentina Lopresto
      (University of Naples Federico II – DICMAPI)
  • Ilaria Papa: [email protected]


  • Low and high velocity impacts
  • Smart Composites
  • Hull slamming
  • Shock and Blast
  • Hail impact
  • Bird impact
  • Dynamics
  • Damage resistance and tolerance
  • Failure mechanisms
  • Composite structures
  • Delamination and fractures
  • Plate and Shell Theories
  • Progressive damage modeling
  • Micromechanics
  • Ballistic impacts
  • Testing
  • Durability
  • Composite in innovative applications
  • Joints
  • Ceramic and CMC
  • Auxetic Materials and Structures
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Green composites
  • Crashworthiness
  • Structural Health Monitoring

Scientific Committee

    • V. Lopresto (Univ. of Naples)
    • A. Astarita (Univ. of Naples)
    • F. Memola Capece Minutolo (Univ. of Naples)
    • Z. Kazanci (Queen’s Univ. Belfast)
    • P. Russo (CNR)
    • G. Belingardi (Polit. di Torino)
    • P. Di Petta (MBDA)
    • A. Riccio (Univ. L. Vanvitelli)
    • S. Boria (Univ. of Camerino)
    • S. Sabino (MBDA)
    • L. Santo (Univ. of Rome)
    • P. Navarro (Univ. of Toulouse)
    • F. Sarasini (Univ. of Rome)
    • J. Tirillò (Univ. of Rome)
    • F. Marulo (Univ. of Naples)
    • M. Ferraris (Polit. di Torino)
    • M. Porfiri (New York University)
  • F. Ricci (Univ. of Naples)
    • I. Papa (Univ. of Naples)
    • F. Romano (CIRA)
    • M. Guida (Univ. of Naples)
    • V. Antonucci (CNR-IPCB)
    • C. Bruzzo (Hexagon H Hexagon)