Scientific Session. Innovations in Additive Manufacturing: Shaping the Future of Industrial and Functional Design

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At DRaF2024 conference the transformative impact of Additive Manufacturing (AM) on modern design, material science, and sustainable production will be highlight. The session will focus on the latest AM innovations that redefine the limits of design flexibility, material efficiency, and functional optimization as we navigate the evolution from traditional to digital manufacturing. The session will explore advanced 3D printing processes and the development of new materials with customized properties. Key discussions will centre on the application of AM in creating sustainable solutions,...

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Time at each speakers’ disposal for oral presentation is 15 minutes. The questions at the end of the session during the Open Discussion. All speakers can upload their presentation at least 15 minutes before their session begins inside the room where the presentation is scheduled. All rooms are equipped with PC and projector. However, the use of personal Laptop is suggested

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Session: Perspectives on Additive manufacturing for dymanic response improvement

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How the new additive manufacturing based techniques can be adopted to improve the dynamic response (impact, crash, fatigue) of composite and metallic structures ? Nowadays, this questioni is still unanswered and it is the focus of a large number of challenging reserarch activities. Actually, the capability of additive technique to customize designs, to taylor material characteristics, to reduce the costs and to fill the spaces without tecnological limitations is very attractive to create new concept in designing of crashworthy and impact resistant structures for automotive and aerospace...

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New Project: Publication on Springer Aerospace Technology (SAT)

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Springer agrees to publish at least 10 selected contributions presented at Draf2024 on Springer Aerospace Technology (SAT). This project is new and it will collect original papers on the same topic, Scopus indexed, like journal publications and not in the form of proceedings. The submission of the contributions on the Springer Book of the proceedings in the form of extended abstract does not affect the publication of long full papers on Springer Aerospace Technology (SAT). The review process will follow the standard parameters with two reviewers each paper and the anti-plagiarism check....

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Thematic session: Joining and Integration of Ceramics and Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC)

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Ceramics and Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) are now being used as effective and reliable materials with excellent high temperature resistance coupled to low density. Some civilian aircraft engines are now equipped with CMC parts; new generation nuclear plants are now working on CMC based accident tolerant fuels to increase safety; high performance car brakes are based on CMC. However, several improvement in their preparation, characterization, mechanical testing and joining/integration processes are still under investigation. Potential topics include: mechanical properties modelling and...

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Special Issue on Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance (JMEP)

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Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance (JMEP) looks forward to working on Draf in 2024 with a Special Issue dedicated to the conference. The Special Issue  containing “selected” and “invited” papers originating from Draf2024, is planned. Authors are encouraged to expand upon their presentation when preparing the submission to JMEP. Papers will pass through the journal’s normal peer review process and must be accepted by the reviewers and editors in order to be included in this special issue. In the meantime, if there are any authors who would currently be...

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Special Issue on The International Journal of Metallic Materials

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The International Journal of Metallic Materials will be a new broad scope, hybrid journal (subscription based with the option to publish Open Access) that aspires to be the foremost journal in disseminating the latest in scientific and technological aspects related to metallic materials. In view of the tremendous importance and potential of metal-based materials, this journal attempts to bring forth the recent developments and innovations to all materials where pure metals, alloys or their composites play the key role in defining the properties of interest or as required by end...

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CARS – Center for Automotive Research and Sustainable mobility@PoliTO

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The objective of CARS is to promote a multidisciplinary research and training centre at Politecnico di Torino, to speed up innovation and technology transfer in automotive technology; Focus is on future mobility and its environmental sustainability. Torino has a strong industrial vocation and is the cradle of the national automotive industry. It will be presented at Draf2024

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J-TECH@POLITO Advanced Joining Technologies

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The objective of J-TECH@POLITO is to provide advanced expertise and technology transfer on joining of materials, on joining technologies and characterization techniques. J-TECH@POLITO is available for outsourced research, problem solving, project management, custom hands-on training and custom lecturing activity for companies and SMEs. It will be presented at Draf2024

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SIMPCo Session

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SIMPCo (Sustainable and Innovative Manufacturing Processes for Composites) is a section of AITeM (Italian Association of Manufacturing Technologies) that, within the context of the ongoing green revolution, aims to explore and disseminate developments focused on new manufacturing processes and recycling technologies for innovative composite materials. SIMPCo promotes a more eco-sustainable approach, addressing both product and process aspects in line with the current demands of the international manufacturing sector. In this scenario, SIMPCo will organize a session at the DRaF conference...

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Book of the conference edited by Springer

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After the first edition of the book, Springer agrees to publish again the Book of the proceedings of the conference also for the fifth edition in 2024. Scopus indexed. The book will include all the papers presented at the conference. The deadline for the full papers will be mandatory on 7th of October 2024. The minimum number of pages is 6. The template is on the page “Submit your abstract”. After the publication, a link will be available on the website to freely download the eBook of the whole project on Springer platform for 4 weeks. The review process will follow the standard...

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Special Session: Auxetic Materials and Structures

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Organizers: Zafer Kazanci ([email protected]), Pietro Russo ([email protected]) In order to meet the requirements of future’s world, engineers must design extremely efficient structures. Different approaches towards the development of more efficient materials have led to an interest in auxetic structures. Auxetic materials have rapidly gained an outstanding interest in many advanced fields as for biomedical, aerospace and sport applications essentially thanks to the novel behaviour they exhibit under deformation. Auxetic refers to a negative Poisson’s ratio which is a...

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Hexagon Session

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Simulating reality vs Digitalisation – from Material to System Interested authors are kindly invited to submit their contributions by e-mail to Salvatore Cristofori and C. Bruzzo, [email protected], [email protected]

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SI on Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science (JMES)

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Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science (JMES) accepted to dedicate a Special Issue to Draf2022. The Special Issue  “Structural Integrity of Advanced Materials ” based on “selected” and “invited” papers presented at Draf2022, is planned. Authors are encouraged to expand upon their presentation when preparing the submission to JMES. Papers will pass through the journal’s normal peer review process and must be accepted by the reviewers and editors in order to be included in this special issue. Please, visit the page at the link:...

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Special Session: Structural Health Monitoring

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Papers from all aspects of structural health monitoring and non-destructive evaluation are welcome in this session. Papers are invited on topics including, but not limited to, the following: – Aging, New and Future Naval and Aerospace Structures – Civil Infrastructure (bridge, buildings, roads, pipelines etc.) – Microelectric and Electronic Components and Infrastructure – Applications of MEMS and other integrated or embedded multifunctional sensors – Applications to energy industry (Nuclear, conventional & Green Technology – windmill, solar) –...

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Hotel services

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Extra services are available for the conference participants staying at the Hotel Hermitage & Park Terme. It is possible to access the brochure by cliking here...

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Session: Structural Integrity Assessment of Aerospace Composite Structures

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The focus is on technological and numerical methods for structural diagnostics and prognostics of aerospace composite structures. New design approaches, advanced inspection techniques, SHM, testing and numerical simulations, carried out to overcome the traditional design practises and criticalities related to the composite structures and trying to take full advantage of the benefits and potential of composite materials, will be the object of this session. Chair: Fulvio Romano ...

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Dr Fabrizio Sarasini and Dr Jacopo Tirillò, Sapienza-Università di Roma, are organizing a Session on the “Dynamic behaviour of green composites”. Global awareness of environmental issues has resulted in the emergence of “green” composites. These new materials offer eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to classical synthetic composites, such as glass fibre reinforced polymer materials. They have a lower carbon footprint and they already constitute attractive substitutes for semi-structural applications. However, their dynamic behaviour has received little coverage in the available...

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Aerospace Session

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Modern composite and metallic lightweight structures are extensively used as primary load carrying structures and are often more complex, more integrated and more critical than in the past. For this reason there is a stringent need to improve simulation tools, experimental approaches and update inspection and maintenance procedures. Within the aerospace fields, as well as in any transportation engineered system, one of the most critical focus is to guarantee the safety for both persons and components at the minimum cost. The aerospace session organized within the DRAF2024 conference is aimed...

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Thematic Session: Automotive

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Prof. G. Belingardi from Politecnico of Turin and Prof. S. Boria from Univ. of Camerino are organizing a session on Composites in Cars: New design practices to make vehicles lighter and safer. Composite materials, with their high strength to weight ratio, provide an excellent platform upon which to develop the next generation of lightweight vehicles. The integration of composites into the vehicle and many of its components satisfies multiple purposes: together with the weight reduction able to contribute to fuel efficiency, there are improvements in terms of crashworthiness and durability....

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Hotel Reservation

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We warmly suggest you to book soon the room at the Hotel Hermitage and Park Terme. June and July are the most beautiful months to visit Ischia and the island is full of tourists. The Hotel reserves for Draf2024 a number of rooms at a discounted rate up to May 1st 2024. On the website, you can download the file to be filled in for the reservation as well as the form about the transfer from the airport to the Hotel, if you need. Please, send them directly to the Hotel.

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