SI on “Polymers”

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The International Journal “Polymers” looks forward to working on Draf in 2022 with a Special Issue dedicated to the conference. The Special Issue  “Characterization of Dynamic Properties of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites” containing “selected” and “invited” papers originating from Draf2022, is planned.
Authors are encouraged to expand upon their presentation when preparing the submission to Polymers.
Papers will pass through the journal’s normal peer review process and must be accepted by the reviewers and editors in order to be included in this special issue.

Since the recognized strong professional background of the Draf conference participants, Polymers applied for special discounts for excellent works in the meetings. They can offer 1 or 2 50% discounts and a discount of 700 CHF for the other submissions.

The deadline for the special issue is August.